Effective Defense Preparation Catches Five Officers Testi-lying


This article demonstrates the critical importance of pre-trial preparation. Unfortunately lying witnesses is an all to frequent occurrence in criminal cases, with the perjury not limited to police officers. Our experience has been all types of witnesses have fabricated testimony. In addition to police, the "victim", fact witnesses, and experts, have all lied during testimony. Cross examination is the means used to reveal the perjury of these dishonest witnesses. Effective cross examination requires through preparation. The article discusses defense counsel obtaining the police cruiser video, using the video to expose the police dishonesty

We frequently obtaining police cruiser video as part of our preparation of our clients case. Other areas of investigation we routinely explore are obtaining copies of 911 calls, police radio transmissions, and computerized police dispatch records. During "Crime Scene" Fridays, we visit, explore and photograph the scene of the events leading to the filing of criminal charges. We also take advantage of the internet to search public record databases for information on prosecution witnesses as well as searching social media for helpful information.

Despite taking oaths to tell the truth, witnesses frequently lie during their testimony. Some of these witnesses, such as police officers, are improperly viewed by jurors as inherently truthful. Demonstrating the unreliability of such witnesses is critical to a successful out come for our client. The only way to handle such witnesses is with diligent and detailed pre-trial preparation. This thorough preparation is one critical aspect of our zealous representation of our clients.

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