Juvenile Defense

Focused Juvenile Defense Representation

We understand that kids will be kids. Unfortunately, they sometimes get into trouble for making mistakes that could affect their future. If you are a parent or guardian, it is important to take these legal matters seriously. Generally speaking, criminal charges of a minor can affect a minor's ability to attend some schools, get federal financial aid for school, access to housing or future employment possibilities. Moreover, these charges can limit your ongoing guidance and ability to be a positive influence in their lives, which perhaps would enable them to make better choices next time.

Located in Cincinnati but also representing clients in the surrounding area of Ohio, The Law Offices of Ravert J. (Jay) Clark handles all types of criminal defense charges including those faced by minors. Attorney Jay Clark has 30 years of legal experience and is well-regarded by clients and fellow legal professionals for his hard work and willingness to assertively protect the rights of his clients of all ages in court cases. Juvenile court operates differently than state court, so it is always best to work with an attorney who understands the system and the potential impact it can have upon young clients. To learn how Jay Clark can help you, call 513-854-3810.

Typical Juvenile Defense Cases We Handle

We handle all types of juvenile crimes, including:

Your Child's Future Is At Stake

We pay special attention to the unique factors involved in these cases. It can be a matter of whether a confession was coerced by police or a parent, and whether a youth was unfairly targeted for arrest. There may be other factors, including incidents at school or online, that present their own special legal challenges. Contact our firm to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case with noted criminal defense lawyer Jay Clark. Call us at 513-854-3810 or use our online intake form. We respond promptly to all enquiries.