Violent Crimes

A Strong Defense To Violent Crime Charges

If you are facing a charge of murder, manslaughter, assault or robbery, or other violent crimes in Ohio, you likely understand that your future hangs in the balance. You need to know that witnesses, police, and prosecutors are not perfect and the justice system is founded on the principle that anyone accused of a crime has a right to vigorous representation.

At the Law Offices of Ravert J. Clark in Cincinnati, we take a no-nonsense approach to building a compelling defense. You will work with a criminal defense attorney who is dedicated to doing the hard work necessary to prepare and present your defense. From 30 years of experience in juvenile courts, as well as state and federal courts throughout Ohio, we know the key to strong criminal defense is knowledge.

We Work Hard To Prepare And Present A Defense

We believe in being better prepared and outworking the prosecution, which often requires:

  • Proactive, resourceful investigation of every aspect of your case
  • Extensive interviews and questioning time with our client, his or her family, witnesses and, when possible, the victim — multiple times if necessary to extract facts, details and important circumstances
  • Thorough and strategic preparation of motions to suppress evidence or exclude testimony
  • The willingness to go to trial when a meaningful plea agreement is not possible
  • The ability to select and read a jury
  • The trial skills that can only be acquired through many years of experience

Our law offices provide a free, informative consultation to help the accused and their families determine how best to deal with gravely serious charges such as:

  • Murder — including death penalty cases
  • Manslaughter or vehicular homicide
  • Any form of assault or battery, including aggravated assault, rape and other allegations of sex crimes
  • Robbery, arson and other property crimes where violence is a factor
  • Domestic violence committed by a family or household member against another

Arrange Your Free Initial Consultation

If you are facing charges for a violent crime in Ohio, you deserve a strong defense. We provide aggressive advocacy and unsurpassed personal service to obtain the best results possible. To discuss your concerns and legal matter with an aggressive and knowledgeable trial lawyer, call 513-854-3810 or fill out an intake form to request a meeting. The initial consultation is free.