Criminal Defense

Top-Notch Criminal Defense Representation 

It is extremely risky to trust the advice of friends, family or acquaintances — even those with experience in the system — when you are facing any criminal charge. Moreover, speaking with police without representation — even if you think you can talk your way out of an accusation — can adversely impact your rights. You need to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney because only a lawyer can help protect you from potential outcomes even more devastating than you thought possible.

The Law Offices of Ravert J. Clark in Cincinnati, led by experienced, aggressive criminal defense attorney Jay Clark, is responsive to people in trouble, offering the highest quality legal representation, fortified by 30 years of effective and aggressive defense experience.

Confident, Realistic And Resourceful Criminal Defense

Whether you have been falsely accused, had your constitutional rights violated or know you have made a serious mistake, our legal team will go the distance for you. We do more than read the police reports and evaluate the prosecution's evidence. We proactively investigate the facts to fully prepare a strong defense. Our goal is to outwork the prosecution every step of the way to obtain the most favorable results, whether that involves securing a not guilty verdict, dismissal of the charges or a plea agreement that our clients can live with and that minimizes the short- and long-term consequences. To arrange a free consultation, call 513-909-3336.

Felonies And Misdemeanors — State, Federal, and Juvenile Defense

Our attorney, Jay Clark, has substantial experience in state and federal courts of Ohio. He is thorough in investigation, witness location and examination, and the pursuit of constitutional and procedural defenses, such as those arising from an illegal search and seizure. In addition to taking hundreds of cases to trial, he has prepared and argued more than 75 criminal appeals. His dedication to providing an aggressive defense can be your advantage in protecting your rights — and your future.

We provide individualized and aggressive representation to a wide range of allegations including, but not limited to:

We also have experience handling juvenile court cases, giving special attention to factors whether a confession has been coerced by police or a parent, and whether a youth has been unfairly targeted for arrest.

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From your free initial consultation forward, through every step, you will know your case is in capable hands. To arrange a meeting with a skilled trial lawyer in Cincinnati, send us an email or call 513-854-3810.