Federal Charges

Aggressive Criminal Defense Representation In Federal Court

Being indicted for a federal crime can be a daunting experience. The draconian federal sentencing guidelines provide harsh sentences, often involving lengthy mandatory minimums. An indictment itself can be lengthy, seemingly complex in its nature, without providing any real information. You need to work with a criminal defense attorney who knows who to unravel the facts and who is willing to independently investigate all the circumstances to craft a strong defense to the charges.

Federal investigators and prosecutors have vast resources to pursue criminal charges. If you believe that you are under investigation for an offense, or have already been indicted, it is vital for you to team up with a lawyer with the legal knowledge, trial skills, and solid resources to defend against the charges.

Not all defense lawyers have experience, or accept cases, in federal court. Defense attorney Jay Clark of the Law Offices of Ravert J. Clark in Cincinnati, Ohio, has substantial experience handling cases in trial, in habeas corpus proceedings and in criminal appeals at the federal level in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. To learn how Jay Clark can help you, call 513-854-3810.

Typical Federal Cases We Handle

A non-exhaustive list of our federal criminal defense experience includes aggressive representation against federal indictments involving:

  • Federal drug charges
  • Bank robbery
  • Hobbs Act violations
  • White-collar crimes, including mortgage, wire, bank and mail fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Possession and distribution of child pornography
  • Weapons offenses

We Work Hard To Protect Your Rights And Freedoms

We strive to bring more legal knowledge and a firm grasp of the individual case than anyone else in the courtroom. Our no-nonsense approach to defending against charges is based upon thorough preparation, hard work and a full command of the law and the rules that apply in federal court. We thoroughly explain the charges, the available legal options, and the potential consequences to allow our clients to make informed choices — and have a voice in their defense.

When you team up with the Law Offices of Ravert J. (Jay) Clark, you are gaining access to a well-respected lawyer who strives to pursue every angle and obtain meaningful results. You can rest assured that our drive to obtain the best outcome possible will safeguard your rights every step of the way.

Get Experienced Federal Court Guidance Today

We know the pressures you are facing and the stress you are feeling. For that reason, we offer a free initial consultation to allow you to feel comfortable in choosing your lawyer. To arrange your confidential consultation, send us a message online or call 513-854-3810.