Drug Charges

Comprehensive And Aggressive Drug Crime Defense

Drug trafficking or conspiracy convictions come with lengthy federal prison sentences. In state court, you may also have heard about extremely tough sentences for drug manufacturing, distribution or possession — sometimes involving a small amount of cocaine or a few pain pills. Assumptions about what may be a minor offense can be especially risky when it comes to drug crimes.

Looking beyond jail or prison time, the impact of a drug crime conviction on future employment prospects, educational options, and other opportunities can be serious and lifelong. If you or someone you care about is facing any type of drug charge, consult an attorney who knows relevant laws and our area courts in-depth.

At the Law Offices of Ravert J. Clark in Cincinnati, we take on tough criminal defense cases involving drugs and we exhaust the possibilities when looking for angles of defense. The difference between dismissal or acquittal and a devastating conviction can come down to your attorney's knowledge of issues like:

  • What constitutes an illegal search and seizure, whether of your person, your car, your home or other premises
  • Proper procedures in state or federal court, including the filing of motions to suppress evidence
  • More specialized legalities involving officer training, the use of drug-detecting dogs and underlying offenses

Do Not Overlook The Federal Sentencing Guidelines

In federal cases, you need to work with a lawyer who has a strong command of the sentencing guidelines. Mandatory minimum sentencing provisions cannot be overlooked. We take the time to fully analyze all of the legal options available in each case and provide straightforward advice.

Addressing Search And Seizure In Drug Cases

Search and seizure and suppression issues are often vital in a drug case. Because many drug cases in Ohio state courts start with a traffic stop, thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding the stop and the search of the vehicle or person is necessary to make sure that your rights were not violated. We draw upon 30 years of experience to analyze the prosecution's case. Attorney Jay Clark is skilled in cross-examination, including questioning police to uncover discrepancies in pretrial motions and testimony at trial.

Do Not Face Drug Charges Alone

If you have been accused of a drug offense, you do not have to face the prosecution alone. We are committed to obtaining the best results possible — in every case. To speak confidentially with a proven trial lawyer, call 513-854-3810 or fill out an intake form to request your free consultation.