Identity Theft or The Same Name: Both Create Problems for Cincinnati Attorneys

This situation is not unusual. The lives of Cincinnati area attorneys, Cathy Cook, Chris Jones, and Tim Smith are complicated at times by convicted criminals who share their name. For Cathy Cook the problem is particularly problematic, and somewhat humorous, as a result of the multiple prostitution convictions of her criminal name sake. And on a personal level, Jay Clark was recently convicted of murder in Warren County.

The story raises bigger issues. Makes me wonder how Wyoming Police confused a 29 year old white guy with a 42 year old black guy?

Identity theft can be just as problematic. I've had several clients charged and arrested after someone else, usually a friend or family member, has used their identity during a prior police encounters. I've also represented several individuals charged with identity theft.

Take steps to protect your private information. Computer hacking, phishing scams, and simply stealing your trash are all ways your identity can be stolen. Take steps to protect your private information. Shred any documents containing identifying information before throwing them away. Don't ever provided your social security number or other personal identifying information to anyone over the phone. And don't open e-mail from unknown senders.

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