Retired Cincinnati Police Office Gets Probation

Jeff Brunswick is not a crooked cop. "Crooked cop" brings to mind images of a cop taking money or some other benefit in exchange for looking the other way, allowing someone to get away with a crime. Jeff is a veteran Cincinnati Police Officer who used bad judgment. Judgment which ultimately lead to his premature retirement from the department. Jeff did not receive any money or other benefit. The article unfairly labels Jeff without consideration of all the facts, something frequently done by this particular reporter. The article is an example of the battle frequently faced by criminal defense attorneys representing the criminal defendant.

Getting the judge or jury to see the client as a person with their own unique story and the same human characteristics and flaws suffered by all of us, is essential to effectively representing a criminal client. In this case, despite the police department's request for jail time and the words of the assistant prosecutor, we were able to demonstrate jail time was unnecessary. As a result, rather than the 2 ½ years in prison facing Jeff, the judge imposed 3 years of probation.

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